Speaking Up for Women in the Corporate World

Creating a Lasting Impact

"Teresa is more than an incredibly gifted speaker; she has mastered the ability to share her energy in such a way that you'll find yourself wanting to join her in a chorus of evangelism to change the world. Teresa captures a room's attention as an educator, subject matter expert, and motivator by creating the opportunity to ignite curiosity and empowerment. If you've ever wondered how to turn an idea into a championed revolution, spend a few minutes in a room with Teresa Freeborn, and you'll be ready to step up as the CEO of your future."  

-- Chris Lorence, Executive Director, CU Awareness.

“Dynamic, powerful, inspirational are just a few ways to describe Teresa Freeborn as she brings clarity to the many battles women face attaining leadership roles in business, and more importantly, the practical steps needed to create equity, parity, and equality in c-suites and board rooms in corporate America. Teresa’s first-hand experience working in a male-dominated business world proves invaluable to those of us still in the trenches fighting for our place at the table. Her direct and humorous delivery disarms audiences, allowing them to really hear her thoughtful message while being entertained.”

-- Diana Dykstra, President and CEO of the California Credit Union League


GUYS, YOU’RE STEPPING ON OUR SKIRTS: How and why men are preventing women from attaining corporate power.

WOMEN AND THE BOTTOM LINE: How women make businesses more profitable. That’s a fact.

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